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Finding it tedious to search for these: costumes, tuxedos, party gowns, newborn baby frocks ('kenduri cukur jambul') and such?
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Ideal for concerts, performances, photo sessions, fashion parades, baby shower, weddings and many other occasion.

Baby Tights & Leggings

Baby tights, otherwise known as leg warmers, are a type of cloth leg garment, usually sheathing the body from the waist to the feet.  
Now a fashion staple in every child's wardrobe, it is essential to get a pair for your child!

They are widely popular due to their functionality- easy-to-wear, providing warmth for babies and acts as knee-protector for crawling infants. While some parents like to see their child in these, some might prefer leggings (leg garment without socks).

No matter what your preference is, we believe that a visit to our store is all you need. We have one of the largest selection of baby tights and leggings in Malaysia.

Ultra Comfortable Cotton Leggings

 Lycra Leggings

Busha Pants

Cotton Leggings

Baby Tights & Leggings